10 Amazing Paper Pranks & Tricks! Prank Your Friends!

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If you see this comment “A paper cut is a tree’s final moment of revenge”

Use these templates if you want to try any…

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46 thoughts on “10 Amazing Paper Pranks & Tricks! Prank Your Friends!

  1. A HUGE thanks to all my amazing #wengiecorns!! Our family is getting so big now at 7 million but I still wanna HUG all of you!!! <333 You guys inspire me to keep creating fun videos so thank you so much for your support! HUUUUUUUG
    Give poor Max a hug as well! He has been a lonely unicorn while I've been away overseas so here's our newest Reacticorn video today! https://youtu.be/cXmQbe0cuXs

  2. the infinite folding, I made one long before I watched this video exept mine was 3-D not flat, try ALL them so cool
    ps. mine looks like it is way easer to flip than Wengie's but my is def more hard

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