7 Reasons Why You Could Fail IELTS in 2019


This video will look at the 7 reasons why you will fail the IELTS test in 2019. Our new free IELTS course that begins tomorrow will help you avoid these and get in the right mindset to get the score you need in 2019. You can sign up for free here –

I hope this will help you avoid these pitfalls in 2019.

See you tomorrow at 1 pm for our first live lesson.

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  1. Thanks, I'm affraid to waste my money in the IELTS test because I'm running on the idea that the educational system in the whole world is wrong. I'd lived in USA by 3 yrs and as I wrote "British Council" I had a nightmare. I don't know how to speak presumptuous. However, I felt glad after listening your video. Thanks again

  2. This video surely paid a fair amount of attention to a few hypotheticals of criticisim, when some viewers only want to know its constructive suggestion on taking this test.

  3. Extremely negative title. I unsubscribed to your emails due to this title. And still, I get to see it here… i suggest you reconsider your approach in later videos/emails. Obviously a lot of people did not like it

  4. Thank you … your video title freaked me out at first when it poped up in mu recommendation.. so i avoided it a few times before… But now i am really glad i watched this video

  5. I thought there is some political reason or what ? 🤨🙄🙄🙄 I was so scared to read it. My thoughts all the way went from brexit to what not. I am thinking of giving IELTS this year. 🙄🙄🙄🙄

  6. Usually, I don't really care much about clickbaits, but this one left me hating it so much. Like, if you wanted to get millions of views, imma say that you've chose the wrong sphere, dude, go make 100 layers of condoms on your head or make conspiracy theory videos about taco bell or smth, duh

  7. If practice is only a small portion of ielts prep then what did you do before taking the test? Do not tell me you were just roaming around the 4 corners of your room and wait until your exam schedule. Such a negative video. No encouragement

  8. What is that come on every thing i am doing It right now is on your video what should i do my exam in Aprile plz don't tell me stuff that i hear It in every freaking videoes just tell me spicefic things that i can do to improve my score

  9. I believe that you are an expert now. I am 100% sure, all what you just said is true because it happened to me during my preparation, you have to understand not memorise. And if you are doing the test because you have to, you won't succeed or get the desired score.

  10. If this is the way that in some countries people are promoting ielts by using wrong strategies like get band 9 in two weeks etc … you guys are also charging quite high for VIP course its a business everywhere …


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