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42 thoughts on “Best Animal News Bloopers Compilation 2018

  1. At 10.34 why on earth would this Chanel send out a reporter who's afraid of animals out to do a piece on animals..it beggars belief! The turkey is just inquisitive..you stupid woman..still I suspect your directors back at base we're delighted with the footage.Yawn

  2. the guy with a cat with a lease is a fuckinh idiot, "yeah i'm not gonna touch em" you fucking pussy, can't even hold a fucking cat, stupid ass prick

  3. So question about the turkey (last clip) I can understand why the woman is nervous but I'd foolishly stand there thinking what harm could this bird actually do to me but a little pecking or scratching. Am I wrong for thinking this? Can a turkey really do some damage to a human being? Just curious. 😁

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