Unreasonable Liberals, SJWs & Feminist getting owned in one video.

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There would be more of this series in the near future.

Please be…


  1. Once you get older 40+ most of the single women you meet generally dont have sod all ! Here in New Zealand there simply looking for somewhere and someone to take them into their old age as they have sweet FA ! Im over them all together! Once they find out you have your own house , car and a few bucks thats all they care about! Im a great believer in MGTOW ! Im over these parasites!

  2. 2:24 I hate the left arguments for gun control to essentially get rid of all guns from citizens. I agree with Lauren here 100% if we have no guns we are in more danger because for those criminals who do criminal things like criminally obtaining a fire arm illegally like a criminal and they start firing off, we have to wait likely more than 10 minutes for a cop to show up to try and disarm the situation. By then you are already injured or dead.

    And with the left's ideology, they hate Trump, they hate the government, they hate police, but yet they also want to get rid of guns and allow the government and the police whom they don't trust to be the only ones with guns….. Please make sense left!

  3. I love that an idiot who is protesting Trump and implying that everybody there is in the KKK or something gets his ass beat by a black Trump supporter. A truly beautiful sight.

  4. I used to hear a lot about 'fragile snowflakes' that got 'triggered'(fuck I hate that word and all it stands for) by EVERYTHING. it's only after having watched these I understand what it means. I shouldn't be surprised that such people exist, nor that they appear to exists exclusively in the US, but I am. wow.


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