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  1. The intro that goes like If you subscribe blank would protect your room tonight or if you dont subscribe this will be in your room tonight is kinda annoying now and everyoen uses it and its stupid.

  2. 8:13 I have a pet opossum, her name is pepper and I love her so much. I found her on the side of my house as a baby probably 4-5 weeks old and she’s about seven months old now. When I found her she was so scared, hissing, playing opossum, and she stayed in one place long enough for me to catch her! She’s such a sweetheart and sits on my shoulder whenever we take her places, and everyone that meets her always asks for pictures, if they can pet her, if she’s nice (she’s extremely friendly), and if they can hold her. We got her on the pet shops front page on Facebook too

  3. This may just be a coincidence but-

    An old lady sold my dad a dog that looked like the last meme and the dogs name was actually Gizmo. I still have him to this day-


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