Biggest 3D domino pyramid fail ever – 31*31 – 19000 dominos


19.000 Dominos.. No one ever has build up a 3D domino pyramid with this size before.

First fail from 2011:

Second fail from 2015:

Song name:
Julian Winding – The Demon Dance (From THE NEON DEMON OST)


  1. Mommy. Mommy. Mommy.
    Yes son?
    Give me more dominos!
    I think u have enough.
    God dammit I want more!! I want more. I want more. I dont care if u gotta spend ur entire paycheck, i want more!!!!!!

    1st world problems.

  2. This is not a good use of time and effort. The fact that you're even going over a few stories and making it so wide makes the probability so high that it will
    collapse before it is finished. That means to keep working on it again with this high probability of continued collapse is insanity, not to mention straining
    parts of your body. No, I cannot recommend this for anyone for near the number of levels and the width.

  3. And….. you couldn't afford super glue? Next time use the glue, turn the "complete waste of your time" upside down and attach it to the ceiling to make a cool lamp shade. You can thank me later.

  4. So when's the video of the ultimate success at a 31×31 coming out?

    BTW, for all you fellow math nerds, the way he's arranging the layers, there are pairs of levels of k·k and k(k–1). Total in a complete pyramid with base n is

    P(n) = ∑₁ⁿ k(2k–1) = ⅙n(n+1)(4n–1)

    P(31) = 20336



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