Cat Memes – Taurus Memes – Funny Taurus Cat #funnycats #funnymemes #taurus


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Funny cat memes for the TAURUS zodiac sign!!! For pure entertainment purpose only.

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  1. I had a Tarus Cat, For 12 Years, He Died With A Fight To Live from Cancer. That Cat Was The Most Dog Like Cat In a Good Way I Ever Had, He Liked Belly rubs Like A Dog Showing Trust, In A Shor While. He Picked Me and He Was Loyal To The Bone. He Slept with Me every Night with My Dog Bella, The 2 Were Best Friends Like Cat Brother and Dog Sister Rasied as A Puppy and A Kitten Together. He Was A Big Fat Loveable Teddy Bear Red Tabby, I Named Chazey. His Real Name Was Chase, When I Got Him From the Humane Society. My Husband Picked Him Out Becasue He Was, On The Bottom Of A Pile of Cats, Jumping All Over Him and He was Resting Zen Like Under Them, My Husband Picked The Red Tabby Chase and Found He Was Affectionate, Had Lots Of Persoanlity And Very Chaty, He Must Have Had A Gemini Moon, Wed Have Conversations, WithA Lot of Meows On Que. He Was First Looking For a Dog But Fell in Love with the Chubby Red Kitten, So Did I When My Husband Brought Him Home. His First Name Was Chase But I Liked Chaz Better, When He Turned Into A Big Fluffy Teady Bear. I Called Him Chazy Bear. He Was Smart, If He Heard The Bath Water, He Would Always Run Into The Bathroom, In Amazement to See Water Come Out of the Wall, And Later Found That Humans Can Make Water Disaper Into the Bottom of the Sink Or Tub, Like Magic, He Couldin't Fingure Out Plumbing, But You Knew His Gerrs Were Going??? As A Kitten It Was So Funny He Tried To Climb the Curtains Like Fat Garfield and Torn The Rod Off The Wall Being too Heavy., He Was Chazy Bear. He Loved To Eat, He Was Slow Gentle and Patient, He Loved To Cuddle, and Had A Big Purr, And He Was Very Affectionate And Smart. He Would Even Come When I Call, I Guess he Wanted To. He Reminded Me Of the Famious Smart English Red Taby Cat Bob, Who Befriended His Homeless Human Daddy and Went With Him On His Singing Adventures, and Is Loyal to The Bone. He Knew Just Like My Dog When Ever I Needed Him, He Was There To Comfort Me. It's Been Over a Year Now Since Hes Gone, I Still Got My Gemini Beautiful Bella Dog, Shes My Playful Comfort Still Too, And Also Beautiful. Bella Means Beautiful In Itallian. Chazy Bear Was Such A Speciall Loved Cat, My Huband and I had Our Private Funeral For Him And Burried Him Right Near The Jasmine Vine In Our back yard, In The Summer When The Jasime Vine Blooms and The Sent Of The Flowers, Goes Though My Window. Im Reminded Of My Beloved Teddy Bear Cat. However Boy I Miss My Teaddy Bear.


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