Dogs sings to stop baby crying – Dog Loves Babies Videos 2017


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  1. 0:54 first dog: MATE PLS SHUT UP!!!
    second dog: YO! LET THE BABY BE A BABY! U SHUT UP!!!
    First dog: OHHHH SO U WANNA COME AT ME!!!
    Second dog: YASS BROTHER!
    Proceed to shut baby up together…

  2. Muss euch leider enttäuschen, das ist kein Singen, das ist ein Instinkt des Hundes, in Gejaule miteinzustimmen. Und das Weinen des Babys wird so interpretiert. Noch nie erlebt, dass Hunde auch zu Sirenen heulen? Oder Musik?

  3. Wow I've studied Seth and he says, there was civilization way back, we dont even have records of it – The Lumanians as he says. That civilization used as a main thing the sound. It was very important and he says we don't know the value of it. And they were MUCH more advanced than us. So I'm seeing the baby crying and cause it's a new soul the dog releases sounds that only the baby ( the new soul ) can understand, because he knows the value and the messages of sounds? Few yaters later as he starts forming ideas based on what he hears, all of that unconsciously goes away. Just thought of it watching this video.. huh

  4. babys have the instinct to not cry when they hear wolf howls. its in our dna to fear things. babys stop crying to keep hiden from predators why it always works. when babys didint stop well they got ate XD

    watch the children's faces . its a face of realization

  5. What's going on in the doggos mind: STAP CRYING LITTEL HOOMAN, YOUS MAKIN ME CRI TOO
    *Both the baby and doggo is crying*
    Baby: *Stops crying*
    Doggo: *Stops crying*
    Doggo: Wtf little hooman, you made me cry ;-;

  6. 😋 Sorry if I pop anyone's bubble of cuteness here but the reason the babies grow quiet is due to human/baby survival instinct from the days when humans lived in the wild. Ie. babies instinctively know to keep quiet when they hear a predator nearby. 🐕=🐺 On the other side of things, dogs are loving and caring pack/family animals, and probably are genuinely distressed on behalf of the baby, but the human baby's cry is also very loud and penetrating sound (another human/baby survival trait) and probably also a bit disturbing for sensitive doggy ears.


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