Drone Fail 2019 Compilation Crash Inspire 1, Mavic 2 Zoom, Autel, Phantom 4


Drone Fails 2019 Compilation includes Inspire 1 Crash, Mavic 2 Zoom, Mavic Pro, Autel Drone, Phantom 4, Gopro Karma Drone, FPV Racers and other camera quadcopters. Location of crashes are from Australia, United States, Russia, Canada, Europe and Asia.

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  1. And this is why idiots shouldn’t be allowed to have drones. They ruin the hobby for people like me that fly responsibly.

    Personally I fly a Phantom 3 Standard and I’ve yet to crash it in a year of flying. These idiots really amaze me with how recklessly they fly (excluding the fpv race quad pilots, I love watching those).

  2. Take your SHITTY theme music and shove it up your asses! None of you can fly worth shit and ALL of you bought overpriced Chinese crap before learning how to do so… you ALL got what you deserved. PLUS your GF's dumped you!

  3. Me: Take your time, learn how to fly first.

    People: You know what? Let’s take it out in the woods (had it for 5 min). And let’s fly backwards to get some cool shots (in the woods).

  4. See people, this is why the laws are coming. Stupid people thinking they can fly a camera drone screwing it up for the rest of us when they should have gotten a tiny whoop and learned their shit first.

  5. My crash at 14.08 lol🤭 I was about 1 mile out and did not have enough battery to make it home so it auto landed in the tree. I managed to recover it after 3 hours of searching . It needed a new arm and that was it very lucky. Mavic 2 zoom.

  6. Honestly, there's more skill in the 3 seconds preceding the crash of a racing drone than you will ever acquire in an entire life flying autonomous drones in GPS mode.

  7. I'm triggered. These people make proper drone pilots look so bad. Spying on people at the beach, flying outside of line of sight in crowded areas, flying near high voltage lines and critical infrastructure.
    Its only a matter of time till a state or federal lawmaker sees this kind of piloting and goes on a crusade.
    Fly safe y'all.


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