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See Lemurs that take drugs and get high –

300 years ago vervet monkeys were brought into the island of St. Kitts from West Africa. The monkeys that escaped acquired a taste for alcohol by eating the fermented sugar cane left in the fields. Today, they raid local bars to satisfy their thirst.

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  1. The next day…

    You see a giant group of monkeys going to a Russian super market and coming out with bottles of vodka and pickles, all being drunk, later being hired by the Russian army

  2. What’s really 😞 sad is that they’re all having Fetal Alchohol Syndrome Baby monkeys…. bi-polar, schizophrenia, retardation, and attachment disorder. Wow! THOSE little dudes would be some scary little bastards you don’t want to f**k with!!!
    Sad, but, true!


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