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35 thoughts on “Funniest Game Show Answers of All Time

  1. Can I ask what games do people play in the bath in modern world? (See 7:00.) I come from a quite poor family. In a small town in Western Ukraine, where we used to live during my childhood, the bathroom and the bath were in such a bad condition, and we didn't even have water in the faucet, so we must often carry it from a water station.

    And a question about 3:27, if you permit. I undestand that 98.6 degrees figure proposed by a female contestant is in Fahrenheit. In Celsius, that would be 36.6 °. But why do we feel hot if it is considered normal body temperature? I mean, we can feel 36.6 degrees air temperature but we are hot despite 36.6 °C is totally normal for our body. Logically, we must feel ourselves neither hot nor cold but indifferent. I'm just curious about that and wonder if there is a scientific explanation.
    And how do you call the policemen in the USA besides cops?
    A million thanks. The video is very, very nice, and I enjoyed it so much! Great thanks for the author.

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