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Funny babies laughing hysterically compilation. Funniest daddy and baby moments – Funny daddy videos. Cutest dad & baby videos.

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  1. These are not all laughs of joy.
    Some are and they are precious!
    The laughter which may be confusing is that which comes from the fear reaction. Loud sudden noise and a falling sensation are two inborn fears.
    Even as adults we see some in an unusual situation begin to laugh. It is disarming to the perceived threat or startling situation.
    A baby which does this is behaving naturally. They are taking the experience in whole inside their thought processes and buying time for the resolution.
    After these laughing bouts most children will become cranky, cry, or turn away from overstimulation.
    It's good if a sneeze or similar every day is repeated a couple of times followed by reassurance that all is well- sees there is nothing really wrong with their daddy it's a natural occurance.
    Repetitiveness without that reassurance will lead to high stress and a sad, confused baby.
    I loved the raspberries from the baby and daddy!


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