GAMING GONE WRONG #15 – Fail Compilation (GTA 5, Spiderman, Black Ops 4 Funny Moments)


The best gaming fails, funny moments & wtf moments from GTA 5, Spiderman, COD Black Ops 4 & more combined with 15+ hours of high-quality and creative editing!

Welcome back to another episode of Gaming Gone Wrong, the greatest multi-game community montages on YouTube! In this series we combine the funniest gaming moments with 15+ hours of creative editing to create high-quality, original gaming montages. Each episode takes over 20 hours total to make because we don’t just want to showcase…


  1. JJJ: this just in! spiderman pushed a innocent woman of the edge into a grinder.
    some guy: but that's just a mod for GTA 5,
    JJJ: SHUT UP, it''s definitely spiderman and he killed that woman.
    some guy, well there is no such thing as a floating brick so it's definitely fake.


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