Laughing Baby Chases Basset Hound


Our 8 month old decided to chase our basset hound on the floor. They both thought it was so much fun!!!


  1. Love the video. Ironically, we lost our basset 6 months ago, and she looked a lot like yours. I sent this to my son and he freaked out! Bassets are a great breed, give your dog a hug for us.

  2. My first basset treated me like I was her own child. She was the best. Every night, she would check up on me. I could crawl all over that dog, and she wouldn't mind. Sophie is greatly missed. She was my BEST friend. You can't find another dog like her.

  3. I miss my dog so much… he lost the movements of his hinds legs and I took care of him for 6 months before we had to put him a way. He was 14 year old he he died. I hurts more than any human death I have yet experienced. It is feeling more similar to a romantic heartbrake.

  4. This style of video is the reason my partner and I check out Youtube. They continuously make me laugh.

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