Mama Cat Talks to her Baby Kittens


Mama cat Miyu takes care for her adorable baby kittens and she talks to them every time.
Cute Kitten Diary (one of the kitten is Layo):

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  1. Oh my goodness. Thanks for posting this. We had a stray moma cat we took in that we didn't know was pregnant. She had her kittens in our attic. She was so sweet. She roamed off in the middle of the night and got ran over. We used this video to coax her four little babies. We are now hoping to get them fixed so the cycle doesn't continue. My daughter & grandsons want to keep all 4 so here we go from having 1 outside cat to having 4 little babies. We have some acreage- so that helps a little.
    We have 1 animal rescue cat inside already. Her claws were pulled out & NOT by a veteran. Shes horribly afraid of children & men.

    Your moma cat is a beauty! Looks like a healthy bunch.

    God bless
    In Jesus name

  2. This video helped me save a kitten, it was stuck in a small vent. After breaking the vent, it was refusing to come out. Vent was so small i couldn't even put my hand inside, then I played this sound and the kitten pops out in minutes. Thanks a lot.

  3. I played it unintentionally around my cat who was chilling with her kittens and my cat immediately came out from under the couch very curious

  4. Me and my cat Darius who is a year old now use to listen to this sound every night form the time he we was two weeks to at least eight months old. Brings back memories lol. This video made him go to sleep every night.

  5. When the mother is licking their butts, she is really stimulating them so they can pee and poop. Like human babies, newborn kittens can't go to the bathroom on their own. What she is doing is the cat's equivalent of changing diapers, just way more disgusting. But they don't have opposable thumbs, so it's the best they can do.


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