Mark Knopfler Prank Call #1 – (Amanda White) That's My Wife


This is NOT Mark Freuder Knopfler – founder, guitar player and vocalist of Dire Straits. Classic Prank Calls circa 1990 – Download the entire CD Uncut & Uncensored in .MP3 format for FREE at

If you appreciate the time and effort that it took to restore this poorly-dubbed, 8th-generation cassette-tape and make it available on the internet – uncut & uncensored, please make a donation to:


  1. I think I'm safe after 20-25 years to say my coworker back in the early 90's got a hold of these calls, not sure how. We thought they were the greatest prank calls and still do. Anyway we decided to try to find where these calls were being placed. Dover Delaware area. My friend found some of these actual phone numbers, well that;s as far as i go with it. Lets just say he liked making prank calls back in the landline days. Boy how times have changed.

  2. I live in Kentucky and I remember hearing these in the late 90s/early 2000s. My older brother got a copy of it on a really old cassette. One of my brothers friends transferred the tape to a cd in the early 2000s because he had a fairly decent computer for the time. The tape is long gone, I don’t even know if he would even have the cds of it still. I do remember it having some extra stuff on it that I haven’t heard online before, but I don’t remember it being anything special so it might not be much of a loss. The story I heard back then was that supposedly this guy (Mark Knopfler) was somehow related to one of my brothers friends, a cousin or a distant relative, and he supposedly got into trouble over these calls at one point and supposedly I think did a little time for it, or got charged for something or whatever I don’t know. My brother was born in the late 70s and his friend was born in the late 60s, and his friend is definitely the kind of guy that wouldn’t make shit up, not saying all of this is true, this is just what I’ve heard.

  3. I still have this cassette . Me and my friend dubbed it from his older sister who got it from someone on a school band trip. It was in the late 80's

  4. any of y'all remember the legendary John beanleroy Mercer tape back then? even better than this. John bean was the original legend that started it all and still the most witty and best of all time by far.

  5. LMAO, can't believe this guy didn't realize this was a prank, lmao I don't wanna fuck that fat pregnant bitch lmao lol

    It's funny how you can get some people all Fired up ha ha ha


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