Microsoft Build 2019 Vision Keynote Hololens FAIL


Microsoft Build 2019 Vision Keynote Hololens 2 FAILWatch the full episode:

Hosts: Leo Laporte, Megan Morrone

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  1. Mmm…Again…Unreal Engine just started getting into Hololens…what less than 8 months ago. So I am calling this an Unreal Engine failure. Have any of the Unity made demo's failed?

  2. Its not really a failure.. shit happens what they are doing is new… to say its bad meh. only for the TMZ crowd.. and Michael Bay never fails. Because. he is.. Michael bay.. I think Leo should wear a microsoft thong .. jump up and down and sing happy new gear with AR on.. lol

  3. Bad that they showed nothing, but they definitely handled it better than Michael Bay in a different situation too…
    Bay could have improvised something if he knew the material beforehand… it kinda showed just how unprepared he was, just a talking head hired by the brand.
    If the whole Hololens thing fails, there's really nothing to show or talk about.
    But it definitely is a worse moment for Microsoft and Hololens… Bay would only be talking about curved panel TVs for Samsung, it was just endorsement. This was kind of an essencial demonstration for the very anticipated new Hololens 2. Yeesh.
    I guess closer to Steve Jobs presentation fails, or Microsofts' own others.


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