Mr. Rogers PRANK calls a Southern lady SO FUNNY!


Using a soundboard, we had Mr. Rogers call a southern woman. After getting suspicious she passes the phone to someone else..and then another person so the fun continues..TAKE A LOOK!


  1. The women always bring their loser guys on the phone when they get lost or intimidated on the phone. What do they think theyโ€™re going to do? Intimidate Mr. Rogers?

  2. Most prank calls usually have the pranked getting upset or flustered because it can be a waste of time, or even feel like an invasion of privacy in peopleโ€™s homes. But these people were very placid about it.

    Even through a soundboard, a crude old landline telephone and two guys snickering in the background, Mr. Rodgers voice and words are still able to mollify and calm people.

    He truly was a special person.


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