NEW Funny Moments RIDICULOUS [20 MIN] FAILS Compilation | The Sauce March 2018


The Sauce brings you the best New Ultimate Try Not to Laugh Challenges featuring dozens of your favorite ultimate viral girl fails, dank memes, viral videos, epic wins, funny vines, and best clips in one compilation! Welcome back funny vines with the return of new vine content via v2! You Laugh and You Lose if you can’t handle the best awesome fails from March 2018. Why bother with FailArmy and Life Awesome when you can come to the Sauce for hilarious montages of the best content from…


  1. I can just hear some pathetic parent…"well you shouldn't have put the warning sign up if you didn't want my teenager son not to try and jump over them…my kid is hurt, you're going to pay up" And they win millions of dollars of taxpayers money. Well maybe your stupid kid and his stupid friends shouldn't have done it in the first place.


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