Prank Calling McDonalds and Taco Bell!


Prank Calling McDonalds and Taco Bell!

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  1. i was looking up prank calls cuz i wanted to do it and get ideas…. and when i serched u first one who showed up so I clicked it and when it loaded and started playing
    YaBoiiJay: What kind of beans are they?
    me: hahahahahahahahahehehehehehahahahahahehehaha i need to comment this XD hahahahahaha
    yeah i am really random and weird things are funny to meh

  2. “Do I need to have my parole officer call you?”
    “My bail bondsman is looking for me and so I need to relocate.”
    “Can I use an alias so the people looking for me can’t find me?”
    “Is this an equal opportunity employer? So like I have this condition, do you hire people with my condition? I have random gas syndrome? Do I need a letter from my proctologist, I promise not to eat beans before work, and I will need Wednesday afternoons off so I can go to therapy and my twelve step meeting, this is a disease and I am getting help, obviously everyone that has random gas syndrome doesn’t want help but I do, Can you work with me?


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