Talking Kitty Cat 1 -Wake up kitty!


Hilarious footage of my cat getting angry and swearing at me when I tried to wake him up.


  1. I'm late on the ball game..
    I just found this talking cat this weekend through a Facebook share.
    Never heard of him..
    Tell you what this is some of the funniest shit I have ever seen..
    I haven't laughed this much in so long I didn't think I have it in me too.

  2. 2008 no
    2009 Maybe next decade
    2010 carry on with cat videos
    2011 nothing
    2012 nothing
    2013 gta 5 is out play
    2014 no way
    2015 15 years in 2000 still no
    2016 heatwave thru ireland
    2017 lil pump blew up
    2018 x died 💧😭
    2019 yes video go viral and ur channel

  3. I saw one video on facebook last night, love it so much that I immediately subscribed and watched the rest of the series, I laughed so loudly that I had to come downstairs so I wouldn't wake up my poor husband….I stayed up to watch until past 4am ….


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