TOWING FAIL (((PART 1))) – EPIC Fail Compilation


EPIC Fail Compilation

TOWING FAIL Part 2 can be found using the below link:


  1. Really the one at 1:07 is ridiculous. There's how many people there, including kids ( they find it cool). Where I grew up they would get the help of a kid (usually around 7 years old and able to follow directions.) to just sit and the driver seat of the towed car to hit the brakes and sometimes control the steering (I've been that kid 😁…I was 6 years old). Basically I'm saying a kid could've avoided this 🤦

  2. As a experienced recovery driver,these clips just beggar belief…The're not even doing the basics right,and putting themselves and other peoples life at risk…Idiots!

  3. I'm a tow truck operator and I spent the whole time either facepalming or yelling at my computer monitor before the oops even happened. I just could not believe the utter stupidity of these operators.

  4. Stop with the pop up windows during videos!!! I will not watch those videos! You're only annoying viewers. Not what you're shooting for I'm sure. Knock it off! trying to trick or force people to watch what YOU want will backfire.


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