Tractor Pull Fails, Wild Rides, Wrecks, and Fires!!! 2017 Season

Tractor pulling Fail Compilation!! All the action from 2017 that resulted in wild rides, wrecks, or fires.
HAMMERED: Fails, Wild Rides, Wrecks, & Fires! Season 5
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36 thoughts on “Tractor Pull Fails, Wild Rides, Wrecks, and Fires!!! 2017 Season

  1. Owner: I'll call you you "One piece at a time"
    Truck: I'll call and raise you 500 at a time.
    Owner#2: I shall call you "Twisted"
    Truck#2: Ok, you asked for it!

  2. Call me old fashioned but man I love to see them piece of shit Ford's do I g what they do best breaking in half and breaking down…😉😂 here goes I just had 2 stir the ole shit pot

  3. I see a lot of Ford vs. Chevy arguments, but here's the thing. 99% off these trucks are so built up that the owner might as well rebrand it with their own name. The only fails I see that have anything to do with the original manufacturer are the GM tie rods and a 30+ year old Ford frame bending. The broken axles and smoked transmissions are all a result of pushing 3x the intended power through stock components. It's a sport, so let's enjoy it for what it is, not get caught up in brand arguments.

  4. I like how most these Chevys need thousands of dollars in work just to pull something . But all the fords come out of the factory with little mods ready. Lmao

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