Ultimate "Chair Pulling" Pranks Compilation – Funniest Public Pranks 2017


Ultimate “Chair Pulling” Pranks Compilation – Funniest Public Pranks 2017
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  1. Dislike cuz THIS IS MEA. YOU MIGHT LIKE IT BUT I SLID AND FELL ON DIRT AND CONCRETE AND I INJURED MY SPINE SO YAH and plus do t run away like your running from the police and when you took the items did you give it back and what if one of these people were police?

  2. You can always tell these are fake because people in real life wouldn’t make THAT big of a deal about someone else pulling their chair . Any normal person would just pull the chair back and sit down but they chase u for a reason cuz it obviously wouldn’t be entertaining if they just got back up and pulled their seat back so it’s Planned and they run for a reason and it’s a pattern people start to recognize when literally every single male chases after you while the girls just sit on the floor . It’s obvious ! Also , @3:40 you can tell that was definitely planned because Ik no random person would pull their chair THAT far back . How would they even eat if they pulled it back that far . You had to make it easy to pull it and try to make it look real but it was obvious he pulled it far on purpose .Actually I just finished the video and not only that guy but a bunch of people are pulling the chair way too far so it’s easy to pull and they are making it obvious. Also…….. when they pulled the string trick it was dumb because anyone would have felt that . Some of the times they did it good but most times they made clumsy and obvious moves that would’ve give themselves away if it was real ppl . AND in numerous parts of the string prank u can see that the actors look up and try not to make it obvious that it’s fake but IT IS

  3. These chair pulling pranks are freaking hilarious and because of them I make damn sure NO ONE is standing behind me and I hold on to my chair until I sit down. Still watching 2019 and on and on.


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