Ultimate Funniest And Cutest Golden Retriever Videos Compilation 2016 – Funny Dog Videos


Ultimate Funniest And Cutest Golden Retriever Videos Compilation 2016 – Funny Dog Videos

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  1. This is something they ALL do and there is no reason for it.
    They never outgrow the habit, however howling is not very common for retrievers they usually bark and go crazy running back and forth as fast as they can.
    I have found that they can turn on the charm when it suites them usually when there is food about when they make good use of the seal eyes with dribble an inportant part of the act.
    They are wonderful dogs, i have had retrievers most of my life and they still amaze me at what they can do to convince you to part with that last bit of biscuit.

  2. I used to play this awesome game with my golden . I used to have him lay down, and I would pet him for a min, and then turn away. (I was sitting next to him) . Then he. Would crawl up and hit me with his paw and way his tail. We played all the time before he died . His last day we all just layed him outside (he couldnt stand really) and pet him and talked to him all day . Super peaceful. Lived until 13. He was there when I was brought back from the hospital almost 14 years ago. I was 12 when he died.. I'm crying as I'm typing this…

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  4. My golden recently passed, and I still miss her so much she was born before I was. I still cry because I miss her so much. These videos remind me of my sweet angel they make me smile and laugh.

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