Ultimate Funny Kids Fails May 2018 | Funniest Fail Compilation


Kids are great! They’re so full of life, they feat nothing and they’re always willing to try and learn something new! That sort of carefree lifestyle, however, leads a lot of kids to all sorts of vulnerability, particularly when it comes to not know their true limits. And with testing those limits, we at AFV discover our favorite thing and that’s FAILS! FAILS! FAILS! That’s why we at AFV present our newest FUNNY FAIL COMPILATION, ULTIMATE FUNNY KIDS FAILS MAY 2018! Give it a view and…


  1. Wow, some of you parents have a lot to learn. Allowing your children to do something that's not safe and either laughing at them or it's, "oh, my god, are you ok". You people are unbelievable and all for a YouTube video. You can tell this isn't the greatest generation, it's it's the, " what can I do to my kid for a YouTube video.


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