WATCH this dog make the cutest derpy face!


Was filming him randomly and he made the most adorable derpy face 😍😍

(Sherpa’s Amazon Wishlist)

After 3yrs in our 18 year old van we are hoping to raise enough to upgrade to a bigger one for more room for Sherpa to be explore in 😁

(Sherpa’s Amazon Wishlist)
Thank you ‘so’ much for people that have sent Sherpa gifts, your kindness is amazing 😁😁

Visit his bestie at…


  1. Haha so cute with the little tongue out…that little clip of Sherpa reminded me of monkey Louie Ray here on youtube from Misfitland (he's a cheeky little rescue monkey who lives in an animal sanctuary in Texas) his tongue sticks out all the time and he just looks so adorable…really cute video πŸ‘

  2. HEY!!!! It’s Key’s best friend! The excitement that comes across Key’s face when Sherpa’s name is mentioned is so much fun to watch. The two of them should tour across Great Britain.


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