Zoltan Kaszas on why cats are better than dogs – Dry Bar Comedy


Watch Zoltan Kaszas’ entire special “Cat Jokes” at (tips encouraged). If you only watch clips on YouTube you are missing his best stuff!


  1. I did not changed my cat's name. Her name is Mae. She is a beautiful orange and white cat who has the loudest purr. She is very affectionate and loves to give me massages. She is the best cat in the world.🐈🐈💕💕😙😙🐆🐆😅😅

  2. He’s totally right cats are better than dogs their quiet, clean, and gentle I am a cat person good thing 😂 I have so many cats finally someone can explain that cats are better than dogs!

  3. Dead on. I think this is the best depiction I've seen about the difference between cat people and dog people. "I like dogs. I just like them over there… I don't like that kind of energy in my house. That annoying dog best friend in your face all the time energy."

  4. as a cat person who also loves dogs, this is 500% accurate from start to finish. also as the current owner of a 12lb Snowshoe mix, i totally feel the "sat on by a lead weight" problem as well!!

  5. My Caspur won't always stand on me but what she does is she will jump over me like 5 times and each jump comes with a little "mrrrow". She does it until i wake up lol. And if that doesn't work she will knead on me lol

  6. My cat wakes me up just to be a jerk he has food and water but no I HAVE to be awake at a certain time to him, he sits on my chest and makes muffins he knows I’ll have to wake up for air. He’s a pretty chunky boy.

  7. I have a cat who won't leave me alone like a dog. She greets me at the door, follows me everywhere, lays on top of me and often won't shut the hell up until I give her massive attention. She always wants to be petted.

  8. Dogs look at you with high expectations for fun and excitement. Cats start out that way and soon learn that they need to set the bar lower for you.


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